Candidates for Positions on the 2017/2018 CSNM Board of Directors

At the close of nominations, multiple names were presented, and as per the revised CSNM Bylaw, there will be an election at the Annual General Meeting for this position. Candidate info (policy statement and bio) can be found below.

Andrea Blain, NM  (Ontario Representative)

I am a result driven, resident focused individual with over 20 years in Management. My goal is to remain in Long Term Care where I see my positive impact and results for each of my residents in each of my 15 homes that I oversee. My objective has always been to provide each of these residents with a truly pleasurable dining experience; and to continue to inspire and motivate all my team members in striving for excellence in customer service.

Sue Brush, CNM  (Examinations)

I have served on the CSNM Board as an ON Rep as well as Examination Portfolio Manager. The learning curve in Board policy and direction was substantial and as such feel my last term as Examination Portfolio Manager was my first where I felt myself and the Examination Committee made progress. The only goal the committee and I left outstanding is the on-line exam platform. We accomplished all other goals and objectives.

The provision of an on-line examination would be a goal I would like to accomplish prior to "hanging-up my hat" as Examination Portfolio Manager. In addition, further investigation of e-books as exam resources will be necessary to ensure resources are current and available to all exam candidates.

The industry is ever changing and as such CSNM must ensure the CSNM exams meet the needs of the industry, Ministries and our CSNM Accreditation. As a College Professor I also must ensure the FNM diploma meets Program Standards. Moving forward I would like the Exam Committee and myself to have representation on each of the Provinces' Advisory Committees for the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development to ensure the exams reflect Ministry learning outcomes as well as CSNM Accreditation expectations.

In recent years, the number of international professionals who challenge the CSNM exam has increased substantially. The Exam Committee has made resources for ESL available on the website, but this is an area that I believe will need more attention to increase the success rate of the candidates.  CSNM recently completed strategic planning, and having been a participant in these sessions, I believe I have a vested interest in helping CSNM achieve their goals.

The CSNM Board is progressive! CSNM ensures members receive Continuing Education via many venues; are kept current with a trending magazine; are invited to professional conferences and promote networking in an fast-paced, increasingly-changing and challenging profession. Who wouldn't want to be involved!

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Paulette Byrnes-Carriere, NM (Secretary/Tresurer)

Hello, My name is Paulette Byrnes-Carriere and I am running for Secretary/Treasurer. I wish to be on the Executive Board of Directors with the Canadian Society of Nutrition Managers to promote Nutrition Managers in Canada. I have been on the Provincial Board, OSNM for many years as President, Past President, President elect, public relations, education, and conference coordinator. I also sat on a Long Term Care Committee which advocated for a higher food cost many years ago which gave me the opportunity to lobby for Nutrition Managers.

I would like to assist with the strategic plan that CSNM has developed and to assist with the process for the CSNM Membership. I would also like to assist with the responsibilities outlined for Treasurer and use a transparent approach to a balanced Fiscal budget. I am currently the secretary for the OSNM board and I assisted with the transition of the change of our main office. My personal goals would allow me to develop relationships with Nutrition Managers across Canada which would assist me with developing Best Practices in Nutrition used in Long Term Care and Acute Care and promote our much needed Roles for Nutrition Management.

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Jenni Cook, NM (Examinations)

As someone who has been a member of CSNM for 9 years I feel that it is time to become more involved and give back to the society.  My main goal as Examination Chair will be to ensure the content of the exam questions is current, relevant and covers all CSNM competencies.  In order to maintain our standing as a reputable,necessary and important organization within the foodservice and nutriton management field we must ensure that everyone who is admitted to the organization is fully qualified and prepared to represent us in the workforce.

I have worked in the Foodservice industry for 17 years, with over 9 of those being in the area of Nutrition Management.  I am a Red Seal Chef and started my career in fine dining restaurants and high end catering. After returning to college for Food and Nutrition Management, I then went on to work in operations for both LTC and Retirement facilites. For the past 5 years I have worked in a corporate role as a Menu & Culinary Specialist and Corporate Chef where I am part of a team that develops menus for LTC, Retirement and Camps.   

Cheryl Danchuk, NM (Tresurer Secretary)

To serve on the CSNM Board of Directors as Secretary/Treasurer would be a honor and a great opportunity to be contribute to the efficient details of all financials and ensure they are correct and completed in a timely manner.

To review the current processes and identify areas for improvement such as the process of payment to vendors to be completed in an efficient and timely manner. With my current position as manager I am very detailed focused with budgets. I am very accountable to my budgets and the allocation of monies and expenditures. I adhere to balanced statements and justification to variances.

Thank you for the opportunity to put forth my name for the Position of Secretary/Treasurer.

I have been employed in Healthcare for 32 years. I started my journey as a Food Service Worker, Cook, Food Service Supervisor and for the past 10 years as Manager of Support Services.

My career started from the ground up and I credit this journey for many of my competencies as a manager. I am an effective team member with all healthcare disciplines and a strong leader to the support service staff under my portfolio.

Leslie Edwardson, CNM (Ontario Representative)

Dedicated and accomplished professional in the Food Service industry for over 20 years. I started out in the Culinary Management program, worked at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and obtained my Red Seal certification; in 2005 I decided to go back to school and earned my degree in Nutrition. I have been an active CSNM member since 2005 and a part of the education committee for OSNM for 3 years. Since 2009, I have been a trainer with the National Food Safety Program promoting and training food safety.

My volunteer experience includes: an Ambassador for the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution, Living Proof Speaker for Health Partners, Guest speaker and presenter for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and volunteer manager/trainer for many local sports teams that my family were involved in. 

Policy Statement:

Working with CSNM to ensure continued growth and successes in creating further awareness and education for Nutrition Managers and to uphold and comply with all by-laws and policies set out by CSNM.

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Melissa Power, NM (Ontario Representative)

One of my areas of focus is to have regular communications between the interprovincial representatives so that we can all work together and discuss the ongoing healthcare implementations, practises and changes. Looking at what works and what does not. To take a look at the Healthcare systems and figure out why each province has so many differences. I would also like to bring the CSNM and OSNM meetings to my hometown of Kingston. This is a wonderful area to meet and greet one another.

I am currently employed with Sienna Living at the Rosewood Retirement Residence in Kingston, Ontario as a Food and Beverage Manager. I have been in the food and nutrition business for many years. After graduating, I initially worked in the restaurant business, however, I was naturally drawn to the nursing and retirement side of healthcare. I have a diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management, a trade certificate in cooking, and a Food Services and Nutrition Management certificate. In my spare time I teach aerobics as a fitness instructor. Living well, eating right, and exercising are all of my key ingredients in my so-called recipe for life.

Heather Shannon, CNM (President Elect)

I want to give back to the profession that I am passionate about, to excite people both young and not so young to join our organization, and advance our industry standards.
I want to promote the strategic plan, to allow the enhancement of the return on investment for our membership with the hope to maintain current membership and recruitment of young members.

Support and mentor members into leadership roles within the industry and help to shape the future of our organization.


  • Seek one voice, to nationally represent membership to promote the Nutrition Manager representatives in all provinces, with all standards.
  • Promote student challenge
  • Support unification of membership nationally
  • Help to enhance educational opportunities to rural members to increase their perceived value from the organization.
  • More opportunities for members to network with each other, or opportunities for members to mentor new members, and provide additional support to newcomers to our industry.

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Chris Weber, NM (President Elect)

It is with great excitement and my humble pleasure to have the opportunity to ask for your support as I endeavor to become your next President of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management. As president, I believe that by nurturing the core principles, values and vision of the CSNM, we can all work together to raise the awareness of the growing demand and importance of residents and clients for Nutrition Managers in Canada. Through strong advocacy, education and marketing, we can ensure both employers and the public value the important role Nutrition Managers play to promote the care and time required to provide the many essential services we provide, often to a vulnerable frail client.

Over the past seven years as Operations Manager - Nutrition and Food Services with OMNI Health Care, I have held various positions on the Board of Directors for the OSNM. Through this committee work, as well as many networking opportunities with the CSNM I have witnessed and experienced firsthand the tremendous value the CSNM provides to its members. As the complexity of care continues to grow, so does the legislative presence across all provinces and territories. The CSNM provides valuable, high quality education to support all members navigating through these demanding yet exciting times.

Through high standards of accreditation, we can continue our collaboration with colleges and universities across Canada to provide the important skills and credentials our future members will require to ensure their ultimate success. For current members, prioritizing the growth of the Certified Nutrition Manager credentialing will provide the expertise that members need to successfully grow within their career and organization. Since becoming a member in 2010, CSNM has provided me with the highest quality, and most current professional development.

It is for these reasons, I believe that membership growth and retention remain key priorities in the coming years. Focusing our recruitment efforts in lower membership areas will greatly increase our National strength and presence through diversity to benefit all members.

I believe that by recognizing the tremendous growth the Healthcare and Nutrition sector is facing over the next two decades we, as an association have an invaluable role in shaping and defining the future of Professional Nutrition Management in Canada. Through effective strategic planning, membership growth, professional development and positive peer networking, we can achieve all of these goals together while providing members with the recognition they so thanklessly deserve.

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Penny Zdichavsky, CNM (Examinations)

I have been an avid volunteer for many years of my life and realize that it takes a special breed to have the commitment needed to serve on a board.  I have the dedication needed to fulfill the obligations of Examinations.  I am a team player able to recognize the job that needs to be completed.  I can respect timelines and will work diligently to see that they are respected and met.  I have always had great joy in Volunteering and like to think that I am part of the greater good.  I also recognize that there is a need for volunteers which prompted me to accept the nomination.  I have a great respect for CSNM and would like to be part of it. 

I wish to express my interest for the position of Examinations. I am a member in good standing with the CSNM and the OSNM. Currently I am the OSNM Niagara Chapter President. I have 17 years of volunteer experience with a different entity, having held positions ranging from Board Member to Secretary, Vice president and President. My career path to Nutrition Management started over 20 years ago as a Certified Cook. I have over three years of fine dining experience and 17 years of institutional. 

I am currently the Director of Dietary services at a not for profit 231 bed facility. I work closely with the CEO developing and managing budgets, infection control, labor management, and quality control to name a few.

I am enthusiastic about the possibility of becoming part of the CSNM board offering a commitment to detail which will assist me with my review of examinations. I will be a positive force on the CSNM board, with the ability to work well with others which will serve me well working with current board members.
If I attain the position of Examinations you can be assured that I will process Examinations with the highest quality standards meeting CSNM competencies and polices. I would like to involve myself with the CSNM supporting the Society’s goals and objectives. I look forward to becoming part of the CSNM Board.


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the members of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management will be held on Friday, June 16, 2017 at 08:15 am . at the Ottawa Conference & Event Centre - 200 Coventry Road Ottawa, ON K1K 4S3, Canada. We encourage all members to attend.  If you are not able to attend in person we encourage you to complete a proxy form with your direction on any voting that will take place during the AGM.  Proxy Forms are due to the CSNM office by May 31, 2017  .