Fee Schedule: Fixed Period from April 1 to March 31

Active Membership
* Non - refundable application fee
$40.00 ( required for new active applicants )
Student Membership

* Non - refundable application fee
$40.00 (will also cover your Active Membership application fee, should you apply within 2 years of graduating)

Corporate Membership $500.00
Examination (entrance) fee $200.00 ( first time writing and lapsed members )
Examination (entrance) fee (re-write only) $100.00
Lapsed Membership/Reinstatement Fee
(memberships paid after April 1, lapsed for less than two years must meet guidelines as outlined under (Membership Reinstatement)
$100.00 + current dues


Applications are processed by the Admissions Board on a 1-2 week schedule. You should hear about the disposition of your application within that period.

Applicants proceeding to examination will be notified about required fees, proctor and study guide information.