How to Become a Member of CSNM

Thank you for your interest in membership with the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM).

To be eligible for Active Membership in CSNM, an individual must fulfill one of the conditions outlined on page Requirements for Membership.

Your first step is to complete the "Application For Admission" form online and submit it to our office with the $40.00 application fee. Please ensure that you've attached the required documentation including a copy of your Diploma, Transcript of Marks and any other related information you deem would be helpful, depending on which criteria you meet.

Your application will be reviewed by our Admissions/Membership committee and you should receive advice/direction within 1-2 weeks.

Upon acceptance of your application you will be contacted by our office requesting you submit the related fees as outlined in the "Schedule of Fees".

If you have any questions or require additional information e-mail our CSNM office at .


Dave Lebert, NM
CSNM Admissions/Membership Chair

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