1.  What are the student requirements to apply for the bursary?

You must be a CSNM student member, enrolled in your second year of your program. Refer to Student FAQ for additional information on our bursary.

2.  What are my odds of winning the bursary?

The CSNM awards 3 bursaries @ $1500 each.  At the start of each term it is estimated that the CSNM has approximately 180-200 students that are enrolled in the second year of their program. Depending on how many students apply, your odds of winning are quite good.


3.  Where do I get a copy of the application form?

The Bursary Application Form is available online Click Here for a copy.


4.  What documents must I include?

      • Completed application form
      • A one page typed essay describing your career motivation, goals and objectives
      • Your current resume
      • The faculty recommendation form, completed by the Program Director or Academic Advisor returned to you in a sealed envelope
      • The course outline and your most up to date school transcript

5.  Is there any cost involved?

Depending on the Facility, there might be a cost in obtaining your transcript and/or the cost of a postage stamp when you mail in your application form.


6.  What criteria will applicants be reviewed and graded on?

A point system based on the following:

Career Objectives

25 Points

Work Experience & Employer Recommendations

25 Points

Facility Recommendations

25 Points

Scholastic Ability

25 Points

Applicants are scored on their work experience within the foodservice and nutrition management industry, financial need, scholastic ability and their demonstrated commitment to the industry.


7.  What is the deadline for submission?

Deadline for submitting your application is July 1st.


8.  Who makes the decision on choosing the winners?

The CSNM Honors and Awards Committee selects the winners of the bursary.  The committee is made up of the following Board Members:

Past President ( Chairperson)


One Provincial Representative


9.  When is the winning submission announced?

The winners of the Bursaries will be announced in September of each year


10.  If I have any further questions who can I contact?

Please contact the CSNM Office:

Phone Toll Free: 1-866-355-2766
Fax: 416-441-9622

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