CSNM Entrance Examination Information

Below you will find links which will give you information about our Entrance Examination requirements for Selected Applicants.
Note you must be a Canadian resident in order to write the CSNM Entrance Exam

Arranging For A Proctored Examination

Contact a person qualifying as a suitable proctor and ask him or her to proctor your examination on the designated date from 9:00 am. to 12:00 p.m. local time.
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Proctor Qualifications

Qualifications of the proposed proctor must accompany the Examination Proctoring Form.
Click here for specific qualifications

Proctor Guidelines

Your chosen Proctor will be requested to follow specific Guidelines.
Click here for Proctor Guidelines

Exam Candidates Rules

As an Examination Candidate there are a set of rules laid out that you are expected to honor.
Click here for Exam Candidates Rules

Study Guide

We have provided a study guide which will assist you in the preparation of the writing of the Entrance Exam.
Click here to view the Study Guide

Practice Exam

Try a practice exam to guage your knowledge and hone in on specific study topics.
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Suggested References

You will find here a listing of reference material from which all the examination questions are based.
Click here to view suggested Reference Material

Click Here to View upcoming Examination Dates

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