Meet The Candidates - CSNM Election 2014-2015

Canadian Society of Nutrition Management is holding an online vote for the 2014-2015 elections (your personal link to vote will be sent to you via email) for the following board positions - Certifications, Examinations, Member Communications - A list of candidates and their candidate statements can be found below. We encourage you to take the time to read about each candidate before you make your final selection. We have provided pictures of the candidates beside their statements to help you put a 'face to the name'.

Voting begins February 14, 2014 with new chairs taking office on May 7, 2014 immediately after the AGM in Regina.

Certifications Candidates - Daphne Spear, Pat Sylvain
Examinations Candidates - Sue Krueger, Natasha Mooney
Member Communications CandidatesMargaret Brausse, Karin Thomas 


Certification Chair


Daphne Spear, CNM

Policy Statement:
I strongly believe that it is important for future growth and development of CSNM to promote a Certification program that encourages its members to continually seek new and innovative ideas to provide services and improve the lives of our clients.  The up and coming generation of Nutrition Managers recognize that the CNM designation will be required by future employers as our role in nutrition grows and develops.  Over the past several years, CSNM has worked diligently to increase areas to provide education opportunities to the membership.

In the past year, half of the requests for information regarding Certification are from people that are seeking certification and yet they are not members of CSNM.  Certification designation is a way to grow our membership.

Going forward the goal is to have 200 CNM members stand at the awards dinner in 2015, our 50th anniversary.  To achieve this goal we plan to educate employers and members of the benefits of employing a CNM.

I seek this position to enable me to continue to work with the Membership and Continuing Education portfolios to ensure our membership grows in numbers as well as continue to seek related knowledge. Also to educate our future employers that employing a CNM is a benefit that they cannot afford to ignore.

• Director of  Support Services, Westminster House, Surrey, B.C. 10 years
• Educator, on-going, Provide a work environment for students to experience a variety of skills.  Students include Learning Disabled adults, culinary students, and Nutrition management students.
• Cook / Supervisor, Pleasant View Care Home, Mission, BC, 18 years

Pat Sylvain, CNM

Policy Statement:
I wholeheartedly believe in Certification for the professional development of our members.  I feel that Certification provides to the member the following:
• Recognition of advanced knowledge and skills
• Self-promotion of career
• On-going eagerness to seek out educational opportunities for growth
• Indication of showing initiative

I feel that CSNM should consider subsidizing part of the Certification fees for our membership, in order to advance the practice and support members being certified. And that marketing of the certification program needs to go to those hiring Nutrition Managers – the chains, the Executive Directors and to government bodies who regulate the profession.

1978 -1988: Food Service Supervisor, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Chatham ON
1988- 1990:  Food Service Manager, La Pointe-Fisher Nursing Home, Wallaceburg ON
1990- 1996:  Food Service Manager, Chatham Retirement Resort, Chatham ON.
1996- Present: Account Manager, Complete Purchasing Services


Examinations Chair


Sue Krueger

Policy Statement:
To ensure the CSNM Entrance Exam is reflective of the eight core competencies of CSNM as well as reflective of industry needs.

To review current exams and exams results to determine any areas that require improvement. (i.e. Are there specific questions that students are consistently having poor results? If so, does the wording need revision?)

To review resources available to the exam candidates. (i.e. Are they current; reflective of industry standards and regulations)

To survey successful exam candidates to gather information in regards to their examination process experience. (i.e. Areas for improvement or streamlining)

Fanshawe College: Professor: Food and Nutrition Management/ Retirement Residence Management
Manager of Support Services:  Elgin Manor, Elgin County Homes for Senior, St. Thomas, Ontario
Manager of Support Services:  The Village Residence, Ridgetown, Ontario
Owner/Operator:  Sherriff’s Fireside Restaurant, Thedford, Ontario
Dietary Department Head: Chelsey Park Retirement Community, London, Ontario
Dietary Department Head:  Meadow Park (London) Inc., London, Ontario
Food Service Supervisor:  London Psychiatric Hospital, London, Ontario    

Natasha Mooney


Policy Statement:
My goals and objectives for the Examination portfolio are:
-To keep exams up to date with industry standards and in line with the 8 core competencies. I plan to review both the multiple choice and long answer questions in each version of the exam to ensure that they test all competencies, are up to date with the changes we see in nutrition management and to ensure that they are understood by all candidates. Exam evaluation would involve markers, board members and also recent graduates from accredited colleges across Canada.

-To continue the project of putting a practice exam online as well having the actual entry exam online.  This is estimated to reduce examinations cost to both the society and to the applicants. In addition, the turnaround time for results will also be faster – a benefit for those needing results in a quick period of time for job opportunities and/or professional competency.

-To have study material available online with copies of online text books and manuals that we recommend for study material. These materials would be available through an “Applicants” area and available during the preparation time for applicants. This further helps reduce the cost to applicants.

-Expand French material. Currently some but not all material is available in French. I wish to expand this to be proactive with our need to accommodate our French speaking applicants.

Employment :
2013- current: Manager of Food Service, Environmental Services (housekeeping and laundry) and Infrastructure Support, Pentecostal Senior Citizens Home , Clarke’s Beach, Newfoundland.
2012 – 2013: Supervisor of Support Services, Harbour Lodge Nursing Home, Newfoundland
2011 - 2012:  Food Operations Supervisor, St. Patrick’s Mercy Home, Eastern Health, Newfoundland.


Member Communications


Margaret Brausse

Policy Statement:
For those that don’t know me, I would like to introduce myself and say it has been an honor to be your Member Communication Chair for the past two and a half years. The Membership Communication Chairs’ overall goal is to provide quality communications and exchange of information among Provincial Chapters, Members of the Nutrition Management Profession, and related industries. The main areas of focus are the CSNM Magazine Publication and the Maintenance and updating of the CSNM Website.

My keen interest in CSNM has allowed me to be able to develop a well thought out yearly planner for the magazine in advance that meets the educational needs of the members, plus topics of interest to all on our mailing list of 5,000 plus recipients.  I have gained the knowledge of how to find the most appropriate writers to contribute to the success of the magazine.

I have developed a strong relationship with  the publishing company that provides the final look of the magazine. It has also been of upmost importance to be able to work well and gain the rapport with the CSNM office for ongoing business purposes. Meeting deadlines is critical in all aspects of this portfolio.

I am a member of the advocacy and Continuing education committee which adds value to the Magazine and this chair position.

The great connections I have made with writers and anyone that sends communication my way has allowed me to market CSNM to assist others to understand what a wonderful organization it is. The outcome has led to increased interest in volunteering, posting information for events, jobs etc. on our CSNM website and more individuals interested in writing features for our magazine.

If re -elected   I will continue to carry out my planned goals and objectives in conjunction with the CSNM board of Directors and my member communication committee. It is important to me to maintain high quality information that connects with members and industry partners.

I look forward to increasing member satisfaction in the overall quality of the magazine and the CSNM website, for the ongoing enhancement of the profession of Nutrition Managers.

Personally, I am employed as Manager, Food services at multiple sites with Carewest, subsidiary of Alberta Health Services  in Calgary, Alberta. I believe strongly in volunteering and am at present the Advisory Board Chair of the Bow Valley College (Nutrition Management Program). I have been the CSNM Provincial Rep. and have also been a board member of Calgary Meals on Wheels.

1997 - Present: Manager of Food Service, Glenmore Park Sub Acute Care Center, Signal Pointe Food Service Continuing Care Calgary, Alberta
1994 - 1997: Part Time Senior Leader - Retail & Patient Services, Calgary District Hospital , Calgary, Alberta
1990 - 1997: Part-Time Supervisor and Interviewer, Statistics Canada (Consumer Price Index Division), Calgary, Alta.
Mar. 1990 to Jan. 1994 Dietary Technologist (ICC, Patient Services & 1984-1987 Clinical) Calgary District Hospital Group Calgary, Alta.
May 1987 to Mar. 1990 Food Service Manager, Bow Crest Nursing Home, Calgary, Alta


Karin Thomas

Policy Statement:
It would be my pleasure to serve the CSNM members as the Member Communications chair. I endeavor to share information with my colleagues and staff and feel that good communication is the key to strong, productive teams.

My peers have commented on more than one occasion that I should have been a novelist, noting the abundance of written communication and informational postings throughout my departments.  Staff encourages my passion for sharing knowledge, stating they feel connected and engaged by knowing the facts.  I hope to spur that same engagement for CSNM members.

As CSNM Member Communications chair, I would ensure the society is represented positively within our own industry as well as our community and business partners.  I have the support and encouragement of my company to help me grow networking opportunities that would enhance communications within our broader communities and I would position myself to acquire a more national knowledge of the desired partner relationships.

I will strive to attain the same quality workmanship of past Member Communications chairs, work closely with Office Services to keep the website current and seek opportunities to gather member needs analyses through solicitation to Provincial chapters.  An objective will be to provide member focused information appropriate to all levels of Nutrition Management experience.

1984 –1998: Café 13, Cambridge ON
2000 -2010: Village of Winston Park, Schlegel Villages, Kitchener ON
2010-2011: John Noble Home, Brantford ON
2011-present: Peoplecare, Hilltop Manor and Management Services


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