Certification Requirements

Certification is to be accomplished by:

  1. A partnership with the Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC).
  2. CSNM Members will complete the application for Certified Nutrition Managers available at the CCPC website. http://www.ccpcglobal.com/certification/certified-nutrition-manager-cnm/
  3. CSNM Members will forward the completed application and fees to CCPC
  4. CSNM will support members to ensure they are able to obtain CNM designation and maintain the designation by providing 16 Continuing Education points annually, through the magazine, webinars and conferences
  5. Proof of Continuing Education Points must be provided annually to CCPC.
  6. Completion of Section XIV-a Continuing Education Tracking Form
  7. CCPC will perform periodic audits of Certified Nutrition Mangers’ Annual Continuing Education.

Continuing Education Requirements:

  1. 16 Continuing Education points include the annual 8 continuing Education points all active members are required to earn to maintain their CSNM membership.
  2. Continuing Education points may be acquired through: Attendance at CSNM pre-approved seminars, workshops, conferences, webinar, webcasts, exhibits and food shows.  Through the approval process the Continuing Education committee will provide the event organizer the method of reporting attendees to the CSNM office
  3. Completion of courses that have not been pre-approved and that do meet the CSNM core competencies, for example, health care and / or management related courses must be recorded on Section XIV Continuing Education Tracking Form available in the members’ only section of the CSNM web site.  This form must be attached to the CCPC application and / or renewal form.Note: Courses / programs for annual training such as hand washing, WHMIS, food safety do not meet the CSNM Continuing Education requirements.
  4. Active participation on a CSNM or an affiliated Provincial Chapter Committee.  A letter will be required from the committee chair person.

Alternate Education  "CSNM Certification Continuing Education Tracking Form"

The purpose of "CSNM Certification Continuing Education Tracking Form" is to record and report Alternate Education you have attended that meets the reguirements of CSNM core compentencies for the purpose of becoming or maintaining your status as a Certified Nutrtion Manager.

To submit Alternate Education for CE points for annual reporting of CE points please complete the CSNM Certification Continuing Education Tracking Form and provide proof of attendance, educational information pamphlet, proof of completion and receipts should be used to track your CE points.
This documentation is to be sent to the Canadian Council of Professional Certification.  CCPC performs periodic random audits.

Committee Structure of the Certification Committee

Structure:    Certification Chair, CNM (Chairperson)
                  President or Past President (ex-officio)
                  One Provincial Representative,        
                  Active Member
Quorum:     Three members, one being the Chairperson
Meetings:   As called by the Chairperson

Duties and Functions of the Certification Committee:

  1. To promote Certification to all CSNM members and formally recognize those members who have attained Certification
  2. To prepare a budget for the following year and submit it to the CSNM Treasurer and the President by January 31st of each year..
  3. To collaborate with the Continuing Education Chair to ensure varied opportunities to obtain CE points in the 8 core competencies are available. 
  4. To act as the liaison between CSNM and CCPC in all business relating to Certification.

Communication Channels:
  1. Members of the committee shall report to the Chairperson.  The Chairperson reports to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.
  2. Copies of all pertinent correspondence shall be sent to the President and CSNM Head Office.

For additional details and information on the new certification process visit the the following links:

CCPC Website:


CSNM Certification Presentation


If you have any questions about the certification process please contact:

Daphne Spear, Certification Chair

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