Frequently Asked Questions: CNM

Why are we using CCPC ?
  • The Canadian Council of Professional Certification is a professional organization established for the purpose of recognizing the accomplishments of professionals working in their specific disciplines.
  • We wanted an unbiased organization to oversee the certification process.
  • CCPC is a non profit Canadian organization

When can I apply for my CNM ?
  • Once you have 4000 hours paid full time work experience
  • Completed 16 CE points

How do I apply?
How many CE points do I need?
  • 16 CE points annually.

Once I am a CNM when will my annual renewal be due?
  • Your annual renewal date is the anniversary date of becoming a CNM.
  • CCPC will send you renewal information approximately 1 month prior.

Do the CE points need to be in each of the core competencies?
  • You need 1 in each of the 8 core competencies
  • The remaining may be in any combination of the 8 providing they are from at least 4 different competencies.

When counting my CE points for my annual renewal are they from the CE point Year (January 1-December 31 of the previous year) or from my date of becoming a CNM?
  • They are from January 1- December 31 of the previous year.  For example: if you apply in 2011, then your need the 16 points to have been earned from January 1-December 31 2010.

How do I verify my CE points?
  • Visit the CSNM website, go to the member’s only section, click on the drop down box to view the previous year and print the CE point page.
  • Attach it to your application or renewal form, and submit to CCPC.

Where / how can I earn the CE points?
  • From CSNM magazine articles.
  • Provincial Education providing the province applies for CSNM CE points
  • Any other education approved by CSNM
  • CE points from attending alternate education that meets the guidelines in the CNM policy may be submitted to CCPC on the CE tracking form for approval (policy and tracking form are included in the CCPC manual)

I volunteer on a CSNM / Provincial Chapter committee how do I receive the CE point as credit?
  • Apply through your chair person to the Education committee to have your participation verified.

Will there be new pins and certificates?
  • CCPC provides a certificate and a stamp.
  • CSNM will present CNM lapel pins at conferences across Canada or mail pins to CNM if you are unable to attend.

Why should I become a CNM?
  • You will hold the highest level of certification available in the Nutrition Management field.
  • CNM designation is an opportunity for promotion, as well as career and industry growth.

I am currently a CNM:
Do I have to go through the new application?
  • Yes you will be required to go though the new process.

Do I have to apply and pay more application fees?
  • You will be required to complete the new application package.
  • CSNM will cover the application fee providing you apply prior to December 31, 2012

If we are being grandfathered and how long do I have to apply and not pay the application fee?
  • You have until December 31, 2012

Will I have to pay an annual renewal Fee?
Yes, it is $115.00

Will I have to earn 16 CE points annually to maintain my CNM?
  • Yes

How long will current CNM be recognized?
  • Until December 31, 2012

If I chose not to apply for my CNM through the new program, when will I lose my CNM designation?
  • December 31, 2012

Will I receive a new certificate and pin?
  • Yes, CCPC provides a certificate and a stamp.
  • Yes, CSNM will present you with a new CNM lapel pin.
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