Malnutrition is common in adults admitted to hospital. The recent Nutrition Care in Canadian hospitals study identified that one in two patients admitted into 18 academic and community hospitals were malnourished on admission. Malnutrition has significant consequences on quality of life and use of the healthcare system. The More-2-Eat (M2E) implementation project is looking to improve nutrition culture in Canadian hospitals and share learning through collaboration with organizations including the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM). Best practices are based on the new Integrated Nutrition Pathway for Acute Care, developed by consensus with Canadian experts and clinicians.

The aim of M2E is:

To optimize nutrition care in hospitals, and thus performance of the healthcare system by ensuring that malnutrition and poor food intake are prevented, detected and treated, hence promoting the recovery, function and quality of life of patients, with particular attention on the needs of frail elderly.

CSNM is a collaborator on this project and will be involved in sharing the results with their members. Heather Truber represents CSNM on this important implementation study and will continue to update members as the study progresses. Professor Heather Keller, University of Waterloo, is the Principle Investigator for this project.

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